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Acronym for Software as a Service.
Acronym for the Security Industry Association.
Acronym for the Security Industry Alarm Coalition.
Acronym for Security Management System.
The SAME code for Shelter In Place.
Acronym for School Resource Officer.
Acronym for Special Response Team.
Acronym for the Safe Schools Initiative.
The service set identifier (SSID) is chosen by the client device that starts the network. 
Acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics.
Safe Schools Initiative
A study conducted by the US Secret Service. 
Sandy Hook
A particularly heinous school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. 
School Resource Officer
Involves the placement of law enforcements officers in schools. 
Security Industry Alarm Coalition
Non-profit industry organization with a goal to reduce false alarms that result in false dispatches by law enforcement.
Security Industry Association
Advances the interests of the global security industry. 
Security Management System
A software category that typically provides a single source for managing all aspects of security control. 
A two-wheeled vehicle often used by campus security officers. 
Serial Killer
An individual who has killed three or more people over a period of more than a month. 
Shelter In Place
An emergency procedure that involves taking immediate shelter in a readily accessible location, such as a small room, and sealing it from the outside. 
Silent Alarm
A communication system used to alert authorities without alerting the perpetrators. 
Software as a Service
A subscription-based model where a monthly fee is charged for using software, rather than an upfront purchase. 
Special Response Team
A SRT is responsible for responding to various types of incidents including active shooters, barricaded subjects, hostage-taking situations, search/arrest warrant operations, dignitary protection missions and other high-risk tactical operations.
Special Weapons and Tactics
An elite tactical unit of many law-enforcement agencies, typically employing paramilitary techniques and weapons. 
Spree Shooter
The general definition of spree killer is a person (or more than one person) who commits two or more murders without a cooling-off period, according to the FBI. 
Static Situation
A term of art for situations where the suspect's actions appear to be contained. 
A horrible prank where multiple police officers and/or a SWAT team are summoned to a victim's house. 
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