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Campus Building Viewer
Esri tool that draws a campus map and allows the user to search for peoples' locations.
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Inovonics Wireless Corporation
Louisville, CO. Sells high performance wireless sensor networks for life safety applications, including mobile panic alarms under the Radius brand. TapWatch allows for wireless submetering.
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International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras
ACM/IEEE. Topics at the Annual ICDSC conference include camera system designs, architecture, data aggregation, context-aware networks and emerging applications.
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Texas Association of School Resource Officers
Frisco, TX. A 501(C)(6) nonprofit corporation for school based law enforcement officers, school administrators, and school safety/security personnel.
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This website provides links and research into various campus security issues, including violence prevention, inventory control and patient monitoring. Campus security is a broad issue, and you can use this site as a starting point.

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