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Acronym for Personal Emergency Response System.
Acronym for Passive Infrared Detector.
Acronym for Personal Identity Verification (Card).
Acronym for Physical Security Information Management.
Acronym for Physical Security Professional.
Passive Infrared Detector
The most commonly used motion sensor, a PIR detects body heat to determine the motion of an intruder.
Personal Emergency Response System
A medical alert system that contacts a central station when a button is pressed. 
Personal Identity Verification
A smart card issued by the Federal Government that contains the necessary data access to Federal facilities and information systems. 
Physical Security Information Management
A form of middleware that integrates multiple, often unconnected, security devices and systems. 
Physical Security Professional
A board certification of ASIS involving over 100 multiple choice questions. 
Acronym for Power over Ethernet.
Power over Ethernet
PoE provides power to a network device such as an IP camera. 
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