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An Acronym for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, typically used in a military context.
Acronym for the National Emergency Management Association.
NFPA 1600
The National Fire Prevention Association's document for preparedness standards. 
NFPA 731
Standard for the Installation of Electronic Premises Security Systems. 
Acronym for National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
Acronym for National Incident Management System.
NIST SP 800-116
Acronym for National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-116.
NIST Special Publication 800-116
This National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication is a recommendation for the Use of PIV Credentials in Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and a PIV Implementation Maturity Model (PIMM) to measure the progress of facility and agency implementations.
Acronym for National Rifle Association.
NRTL Certificated Service
Alarm systems that have a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) certificate in force. 
Acronym for National Threat Assessment Center.
National Emergency Management Association
A professional association of and for emergency management directors nationwide. 
National Incident Management System
NIMS is a guidance document associated with NFPA 1561 and NFPA 1600. 
National Instant Criminal Background Check System
A point of sale system mandated by the Brady Act and launched by the FBI, NICS provides a way to keep guns and explosives from getting into the wrong hands. 
National Rifle Association
An organization dedicated to preserving 2nd Amendment gun rights and gun safety education. 
National Threat Assessment Center
An agency of the United States Secret Service that developed the Safe Schools Initiative (SSI) in cooperation with the ED. 
Network Video Recorder
Typically IP based and abbreviated NVR, these are security surveillance applications. 
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