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Acronym for International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety.
Acronym for Incident Commander.
Acronym for Incident Command System.
IP Camera
A type of digital video camera typically used for surveillance, Internet Protocol cameras can send and receive data over a wired or wireless network and the Internet. 
Acronym for Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.
Acronym for Indoor Positioning System.
Immediate Deployment
The swift response of law enforcement to an ongoing life threatening situation. 
Impact-Activated Audio
An alarm device activated by the sounds of an intrusion or unauthorized entry.
Incident Command System
An ICS divides an emergency response into five essential functions: Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance and Administration. 
Incident Commander
Within an Incident Command System (ICS), an Incident Commander (IC) is a single individual responsible for overall management of the incident, including developing incident objectives and managing all incident operations. 
Incident Transition
The point where an active shooter ceases violence and either attempts escape or barricade.
Indoor Positioning System
A network of devices used to wirelessly locate objects or people inside a building. 
Infrared Camera
Also called a thermographic camera, this is a device that forms an image using heat in the way that a common camera forms an image using visible light.
Integrated Public Alert and Warning System
IPAWS is FEMA's internet-based system that allows government authorities at all levels to issue critical public alerts and warnings from a single portal or sign-in to multiple communication pathways. 
International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety
Focusing on healthcare security, safety and emergency management, the IAHSS has four goals Education, Credentialing, Growth and Influence. 
The ability of emergency responders to work and communicate seamlessly with systems or products. 
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