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Acronym for Access Control as a Service.
Acronym for the Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation.
Also known as A.L.i.C.E., this security response acronym stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. 
Acronym for Automated License Plate Recognition.
Acronym for Automated Number Plate Recognition.
Acronym for ASIS International.
ASIS International
Originally called the American Society for Industrial Security, ASIS is a non-profit organization of security practitioners involved in the protection of people, property, and/or information assets. 
Protocol for Audio Verification and Two-Way Voice - Monitoring Service Command Set. 
Access Control
A system that determines who, when and where people are allowed to enter or exit a facility. 
Access Control as a Service
A fee-based system where a facility manager outsources electronic access control to a third party. 
Active Shooter
When the police arrive, shots are still being fired. 
Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation
Acts as the research arm of the electronic life safety, security and systems industry, under the auspices of the Electronic Security Association.
Alarm Verification
The generic term referring to all techniques used confirm or deny the validity of alarm signals received at a Central Station or monitoring facility, including video verification and audio verification.
Audio Verification
A type of alarm verfication using sound, with two major sub-types: One-Way Audio and Two-Way Audio.
Automated License Plate Recognition
The US version of the term for Automated Number Plate Recognition.
Automated Number Plate Recognition
Technology that can scan and recognize license plates on vehicles for comparison with police databases. 
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