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Companies that provide campus security products or services. This section includes products that can be used for security, including RTLS.

Accenture Public Safety
Dublin, Ire. Selected for Singapore's Safe City pilot program, Accenture brings big data analytics to the public safety landscape.
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ADT Security
Boca Raton, FL. Purchesed by Tyco International in 1997, ADT has around 16,000 employees and has the industry's largest sales, installation and service field force. Operates a monitoring network offering home and business video surveillance. The Pulse app provides offiste automation.
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Redwood City, California. AeroScout's Wifi Tags are small, battery-powered wireless devices for accurately locating and tracking any asset or person.
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Vienna, VA. With an extensive patent portfolio, offers interactive security, video monitoring, mobile apps, home automation and more. Partners with FrontPoint security.
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Stockholm, SE. A global supplier of intelligent locks and security solutions, including mechanical and electromechanical locks, digital door locks, cylinders and security doors.
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Autoclear LLC
Fairfield, NJ. Autoclear designs, builds and distributes X-ray Inspection and Weapons Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detection systems. GSA pricing available.
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Boon Edam
Lillington, NC. Offers a complete range of security entrance solutions, including high security doors and portals, turnstiles and ADA access gates

CyberLock, Inc. / Videx, Inc.
Corvallis, OR. Manufactures electronic access control solutions that replace mechanical keys. Clients include the Southampton, NY School District and the Toppenish, WA School District.
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Ekahau WiFi Wearable Badges
Can be used for patient location monitoring. Resolution down to 1 meter. Full two-way alerting and communication capabilities leveraging industry standard 802.11/Wi-Fi and IP communications protocols.

The HotPort® mesh network can monitor parking areas, public facilities and walkways and other indoor and outdoor areas. IP cameras can be connected to a HotPort node and real-time feeds delivered to a central station.
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G4S Secure Solutions
West Sussex, UK. Analyzes customer security needs and develops specialized programs, providing personnel, project management, risk management, and technology solutions. With over 600,000 employess, G4S has operations in more than 125 countries. On campus, G4S offers an escort officer program.
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Honeywell Security
A leading global manufacturer of security and automation solutions for residential and commercial applications, Honeywell enables "connected buildings" and their solutions can protect a single school, or an entire school district.
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Inovonics Wireless Corporation
Louisville, CO. Sells high performance wireless sensor networks for life safety applications, including mobile panic alarms under the Radius brand. TapWatch allows for wireless submetering.
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Kastle System
Falls Church, VA. Designs, implements and monitors security management solutions for multiple industries, including government and education. Offers MyKastle software.
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Metro Technology Services, Inc.
Wayne, PA. For 30 years, has offered records and resource management software to police departments, including some campus police departments. The statistical reports from the Visual Alert software assists in the unique reporting requirements of the Clery Act.

Micro Technology Services, Inc. / Lynx Systems
Richardson, TX. Offers Portable Duress and Video Products. The Lynx network-based solution allows both hardware and software alarms to communicate with a dedicated on-site server on an existing LAN.

Physical Security Interoperability Alliance
The PSIA is global consortium of physical security providers focused on promoting interoperability of IP-enabled devices in the security industry.
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Proximex Corporation
San Jose, CA. PSIM solution provider. The Surveillint solution captures information from multiple security systems, and converts it into a Common Information Format, processed by a Business Logic Manager. Offers an open SDK for integration into Surveillint.
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PSA Security Network
Established in 1974, the Professional Security Alliance is a for-profit group of electronic security systems integrators. Operates the PSA-TEC show annually.
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SafePlans, LLC
Jefferson City, MO. Founded in 1993, SafePlans offers a fully customizable and scalable, cloud-based preparedness solution called ERIP. The Intruderology program expands upon DHS' RUN/HIDE/FIGHT active shooter response protocol.
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Security Industry Association (SIA)
SIA advocates pro-industry policies and legislation in Washington and the states. The organization also advances the security industry through open integration standards, education and research.
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Westminster, MA. Part of Tyco International, the company offers fire and security solutions and integration for K12 and university campuses.
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Stanley Convergent Security Solutions
One of the largest system integrators in the U.S., Stanley CSS has over 75 offices in over 120 major metro areas, serving over 300,000 customers. A provider of Sonitrol products.
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Stanley Security Solutions
Indianapolis, IN. With 50 divisional offices and 600 service vans, Stanley offers security items such as Lock Down Solutions, Door Locking Hardware, Closers & Locks, Ballistic & Blast Resistant Doors & Glass and more.
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Status Solutions
Charlottesville, VA. Integrates disparate alarm systems with SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant), an automated core alerting engine available using SaaS.
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SYBIS Solutions
Bellevue, WA. An authorized reseller of Videx's CyberLock, Sybis provides scalable access control solutions.
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Tyco Integrated Security
Boca Raton, FL. Protecting over 15,000 schools and over 1,350 college and university campuses nationwide, Tyco Integrated Security offers video surveillance, monitoring, access control, intrusion detection, mass notification and more. An official contract supplier to The National Joint Powers Alliance(R) (NJPA).
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Waste Management
Houston, TX. WM has taken its experience garnered from in-house security and adapted it to commercial alarm monitoring and video surveillance.
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