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5.11, Inc.
Offers products for law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals to enhance safety, accuracy, speed and performance. Distributes through a localized Full Line Dealer network.
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Access Control and Security Systems
Penton Media. Operates the Security Solutions web site. Focuses on security systems equipment and integration.
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ALICE Training Institute
Medina, OH. In response to the active shooter scenario, A.L.I.C.E. started in the K-12 setting bu has expanded to Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, Churches, Corporations, and Government. The Institute offers a certification program.
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ASIS International
Founded in 1955, ASIS is an organization of security professionals. ASIS administers three internationally accredited certifications: the Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) and the Physical Security Professional (PSP).
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Campus Building Viewer
Esri tool that draws a campus map and allows the user to search for peoples' locations.
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Campus Security Report
Published monthly by Wiley. Related publications are Campus Legal Advisor and Dean and Provost
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Canadian Security Association
Non-profit CANASA provides a self-regulated environment for Canadian security professionals.
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San Francisco, CA. Using real-time feedback, this IoT system improves specific student classroom behaviors and engagement.
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Clery Center for Security On Campus
Wayne, PA. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to preventing violence, substance abuse and other crimes on college and university campuses across the United States, and to compassionately assist the victims of these crimes. Has regular training sessions for Clery Act compliance.
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CSO Roundtable
A private group of ASIS International with large organizations and their trusted deputies as members, the roundtable meets the needs of senior security professionals from around the world.

Ekahau Site Survey (ESS)
A simple to use software tool for professional Wi-Fi (WLAN) network planning, site surveys, and administration.

Elecric Guard Dog
Columbia, SC. Provides electrified fences and monitoring. Has clients in the trucking, auto and freight businesses.
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Healthcare facilities seek antidote to epidemic of violence
2012 holds the dubious distinction of being the year with the greatest number of fatalities reported by IAHSS members since IAHSS began surveying its members nearly 20 years ago...

Heart Rate Monitor Idea
This individual proposes on his blog to use heart rate monitors to automate the silent alarm, and speculates about the issues involved with bathroom sex.

How Silent Alarms Can Help Bank Robbers
When a teller triggers a silent alarm, an alert goes to the bank's security company. That company will then contact local police. It usually takes less than a minute, depending on which bank.

The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), representing more than 1,200 colleges and universities in 20 countries, is the leading voice for the campus public safety community.
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Glendale Heights, IL. The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety offers the Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) exam and certification.
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IMS Research
Acquired by IHS, this firm tracks aspects of the security industry for major clients.
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Install Silent Alarms & Red Emergency Lights in Schools to Bolster School Security
NJ Assemblyman Caputo proposes installing a panic alarm to local law enforcement authorities.

NEA School Safety
The NEA blog about school safety topics.
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Lexington, KY. The National Emergency Management Association is a source of information and support emergency management professionals.
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Obama Proposes $500 Million Strategy Addressing Guns And Mental Health
...a $500 million plan to address gun violence, including a federal assault weapons ban, background checks for all firearms sales and increased security and mental health counselors at schools.

Originally a UCLA research concept, PredPol uses data analytics to help police predict crime before it happens. Initial trial was in Los Angeles.
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Protection of Assets
Part of ASIS International, POA consists of eight electronic books available with subscription only.

Response Options
Burleson, TX. A full service active and violent intruder training company and subject matter expert on the ALiCE system. Also offers RAIDER classes.
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S2 Pronto
A web-based security management system (SMS) , Pronto is part of S2 Security's NetBox family.
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School Security Blog
A blog by Ken Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services, on K-12 school safety, security, and emergency planning trends, hot topics, and best practices.
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Security Director News
United Publications, Inc. Covers news relevant to security profession to end users.
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Security Info Watch
Cygnus Business Media. Covers topics like intrusion detection, video surveillance and breaking security-related news.
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Security Magazine
BNP Media. Written for executives who manage enterprise risk and security, the magazine's education section covers crisis management, tech and threats like cyberbullying.
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Security Management Magazine
The flagship publication of ASIS International, Security Management offers daily briefings and e-newsletters.
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Security Squared
Blog and podcasts that cover security convergence, including news about access control, identity management, IP video and storage, mass notification, PSIM, wireless, vendor strategy and more. Last updates appear in 2011.

Security Systems News
United Publications, Inc. Monthly business newspaper that covers news, technology and trends.
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Blogger Steve Hunt surveys multiple companies in the security industry and compiles key statistics.
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Silent Alarm at North Hialeah Elementary School
On Wednesday, June 3, 2009, the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department responded to a silent alarm at North Hialeah Elementary School

SSN Gulf
Published by UPI, this is a sister publication to the US-oriented Security Systems News. SSN Gulf is tailored to the Middle Eastern security market.
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The Ultimate Guide To The Gun Safety Debate | ThinkProgress
Author Zack Beauchamp debunks many of the myths surrounding guns by linking to studies.

TOTUS Solutions
Austin, TX. Provides Outdoor Lighting Based Security Platforms, incorporating optimized LED lighting, megapixel IP surveillance, multi-day media storage, and secure wireless communications in a single solution.
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United Publications, Inc.
Yarmouth, ME. Publisher of SSN, SSN Gulf and SDN and operator of the TechSec Solutions Conference.

WiFi Location Tracking
Location tracks objects based on SSID strength in 2D environments. This simple algorithm gives an example of location tracking in indoor environment using WiFi signals strengths sent to a local sever machine which then determines the clients location.

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